Just thought that I’d let you know that I did as you advised and went to my GP – he referred me on to a counsellor and am trying to sort myself out. So thank you for that. I might have eventually done it anyway, maybe, but the nudge you gave made me do it sooner and I’m glad I did. I’m grateful.

I do understand that it was probably quite strange and inappropriate of me to ask you like that – all I can say is that I was at a bit of a low ebb and that I am sorry. It won’t happen again.

I hope you’re well and that life is good. If a day ever comes when you feel like saying hello, you can always drop me an email – it’d be nice to hear from you. *****@gmail.com. I guess that’s unlikely but I’d rather regret leaving that door open than regret leaving it closed, and those, so far as I can tell, are my options.

Be well and good luck in the future,


I actually sent it.

Now that I’ve done what must not be done, can I stop? Is that enough?


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